PO vs Non PO Invoices

Processing Non-PO Vouchers

Link to view the overall voucher status and entry information on the voucher, such as accounting instructions and approval information. The Method field cannot be edited; it is determined by the location entered. It is possible to charge the Processing Non-PO Vouchers entire amount of the voucher to a single ChartField distribution line or to split the cost into multiple distribution lines. For example, two distribution lines can be used to split the cost between two different departments or divisions.

Go to Rowdy Exchange to complete electronic ATF form. Send your invoice to Disbursements & Travel Services and reference ATF number for processing of payment. Processing vendor payments is as easy as one, two, three! Your first step is to ensure your vendor or supplier is properly set up in PeopleSoft to create a purchase order requisition in Rowdy Exchange or to process a non-PO payment. Register vendors in our PaymentWorks platform by inviting them to participate.

Typical Process

You can also create different workflow rules for PO-based and non-PO invoice processing; IntelliChief is easy to customize for each of your individual AP workflows. Is not selected, you can specify a currency for the voucher. The rate applies to the entire order and can be changed until a receiving transaction is made against the order. In general, both types of invoices are processed by a company’s accounts payable department. The process in which a supplier invoice is validated and paid is also known as the purchase-to-pay cycle. For each invoice line, you can enter either quantity and a unit cost or an extended cost. If you enter a quantity greater than zero, the voucher extended cost equals the voucher line input file quantity multiplied by the voucher line input file unit cost.

Processing Non-PO Vouchers

Reimbursement of Imprest Cash (requires documentation noted in Administrative Procedure 5.3.6-P). If the invoice does not have an invoice number and there is an account number then the account number https://online-accounting.net/ should be used as the invoice number. For the voucher’s PO ID and release, the preprocessor looks up the first PO line . This calculation is applicable to all previous versions of Costpoint.

The Non PO Purchasing Process

Store and retrieve documents in seconds with full search capabilities. TechnologyOCR CaptureAutomatically capture and convert data from incoming documents. A 24-hour, anonymous resource for reporting violations of financial fraud, theft, embezzlement, ethics and waste of university resources. Determine who will be responsible for creating Non-PO Invoice payments and assist them with training and obtaining ASTRA access. You do not need to print information contained in ARIBA.

  • Many companies struggle with duplicate payments – especially when processing invoices that don’t include a purchase order number.
  • Have a good faith belief there has been a violation of University policy?
  • Certain funds or vendor types may have additional approval stops before arriving at Accounts Payable.
  • The only requirement in most cases is that the PO invoice details should match those on the purchase order.
  • Click here to review how to approve and review a Non-PO Invoice.
  • Procurement Services will authorize the Non-PO Preparer role in ASTRA within two business days.

The PO number is mentioned on the packing list or receipt, so the business knows about goods received and outstanding orders. Once the goods are shipped, the vendor then provides an invoice using the same PO number, which is the PO invoice. Successful businesses operate under robust business plans. Decision-makers and business leaders know what they need to purchase in order to generate profits and make appropriate budgets for procuring such goods and services. The following is a summary of the primary files created/updated and the journal entries made during the voucher process, with the AAI’s that drive these journal entries. While invoice approvers like to keep track of their numbers and vendors, they want to do so as quickly as possible.

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